Boyden Executive Search

Case Studies

When a senior management role is vacated suddenly, or the incumbent is not meeting the company’s needs, it is not always feasible to hire a permanent replacement in the short term. And often the need is urgent, requiring a manager who can produce results quickly. Boyden interim management has helped numerous companies in situations such as the following:

Crisis: Poor results, alarming forecasts and low employee morale create a critical need for change.

Project: An important new project arises, and the company does not have a professional project manager to ensure its successful completion.

New Business: A company launches a new business and it needs a leader – someone with sector expertise and a proven record of results.

Reorganization & Restructuring: Flagging sales, structural instability and new competition can weaken a company to the point where a decision must be made: reorganize, sell, or shut down.

Mergers & Acquisitions: There is an immediate need to integrate key functions, while optimising resources and producing results.

Below is a selection of cases in which Boyden interim management France was called upon for leadership to ease client companies through challenges and transitions.

General Management Study: A Subsidiary in Crisis

A large medical equipment group had grown into a global leader with revenues of more than €850 million, approximately 3,200 employees, and a presence in more than 100 countries. Its French subsidiary was posting significant losses and underperforming. After the CEO’s departure, the company hired an interim CEO to turn the subsidiary around.


Human Resources Case Study: Restructuring an Industrial Site

An international group in the automotive sector needed to restructure, due to decline in its niche market. The decision was taken to centralize production at a single site. This meant closing a French production site with 200 employees. The Director of HR would play a critical role, and with the incumbent on leave, the group hired an interim Director of HR.


Financial Control Case Study: Establishing a Financial Control Group

A French food-processing company needed to establish a new financial control group that would better serve its significantly changing needs, as it was expanding internationally. The company hired an interim CFO, who established procedures and created a new group, better able to support the needs of operations with financial reporting and analysis.


Supply Chain Management: A Crucial Link

A large supplier of manufacturing systems and components for the aviation industry had recently merged two production units at its main French site, creating its first European industrial hub. The crucial next step was to establish a world-class supply chain – an ambitious goal that required a manager capable of leading and driving a large-scale, constantly evolving project.


Industrial Site Director: Boosting Productivity and Quality

A large international industrial group in capital goods with revenues of €620 million and 3,400 employees globally had a large factory in France with serious productivity and quality issues. A strong director was needed to provide leadership of the site with the objective of re-establishing and implementing strategies for improving performance.