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Interim Management

Change is part of business, and as circumstances change, new challenges arise. Meeting them successfully determines how a company performs today, and how strong it emerges tomorrow. Interim management can be an ideal solution.

Engaging an experienced leader on a temporary basis allows companies to navigate immediate challenges, and lay the groundwork for future stability and success. An interim professional, rather than merely serving as a short-term replacement, can have long-term impact in terms of:

Benefits of Interim Management

Most businesses, regardless of size, manage their human resources cautiously. They may not always have in-house managers with the right abilities, available at the right time. The interim management model is a popular and cost-effective solution, offering the following benefits:

Speed: An interim manager can be sourced and start work within a very short timeframe, with typically five working days between briefing and interviews.

Expertise: Our interim managers are highly qualified professionals with many years of experience. Typically they achieved a high level of seniority in their field, and then chose to focus on interim work. Therefore they not only have significant experience, but an understanding of how to implement their skills and knowledge effectively in a short-term assignment.

Objectivity: Being independent, an interim manager can provide an honest and objective perspective, without an agenda.

Return on Investment: Interim managers provide their services at a daily rate, so the cost is easily calculable. Rates are often based on achievement of measurable goals and objectives, not just attendance. Particularly compared to the costs of hiring a permanent employee, an interim manager can save money and yield an excellent ROI.

Boyden interim management provides access to a select pool of proven managers who can be engaged quickly, efficiently, and without long-term obligation. They are prepared to step into a leadership role and help ease your organisation through challenges and periods of transition.

Call (33) 4 78 42 90 93 or email if you have an immediate requirement, or would like to learn more about engaging an interim manager.