Boyden Executive Search

Our Process

Boyden has a strategic and thorough search process, designed to maximise our efficiency and accuracy in providing the best interim managers available, often within demanding timeframes. It begins with responding to the client’s enquiry in a timely fashion, and carries through to the assignment’s completion and beyond.

Exploratory Meeting

Following an initial conversation with the client to determine whether interim management is the best solution, we arrange an exploratory meeting to discuss the assignment in detail. This includes identifying the client’s goals; the scale, scope and deliverables of the role; as well as cultural fit, budgets and timeframes.

Action items


Our dedicated research team immediately begins sourcing candidates from our portfolio of interim managers, an elite group we consider the top 10% in the market, contacting each to ascertain their availability and suitability for the role.

We then compile a list of individuals who will meet with our Partners. We maintain relationships with interim managers across a variety of roles on a continual basis. When a need arises, we meet face-to-face with the most qualified candidates to discuss the client’s needs and assess the candidate’s suitability.

Action items


Based on our meetings with potential candidates and further analysis of their qualifications, we narrow our search to develop a shortlist of the most suitable candidates for the role.

We then present the CVs of select candidates, along with their rates, availability, and a brief report highlighting their most pertinent skills and experience. Each candidate also prepares a preliminary action plan, which helps the client make a hiring decision based on demonstrated expertise.

The next step is to arrange interviews between candidates and the client. After the interviews have concluded, the client selects the candidate who is the best fit for the assignment, and we agree upon the terms.

Boyden interim management handles all contractual administration and ensures the interim manager can step into the role as soon as possible.

Action items


Two to three weeks after the start of the assignment, we work with the client and interim manager to develop an action plan for the duration of the assignment. We then provide ongoing support as needed, holding meetings to assess intermediate results and ensuring all deliverables are being met to the client's complete satisfaction.


Boyden continues to be involved at the end of the assignment to ensure a smooth transition as the interim manager departs. This includes one or more post-assignment meetings with both the client and interim manager to allow a complete handover and knowledge transfer. We also:

These recommendations are based on the interim manager’s observations, practical knowledge of the business and experienced foresight.

Candidate Profile



Expertise    Example: Finance sector

Experience    Example: Finance sector